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Environmental Policy

The way we treat and view the environment impacts heavily on the way we live and work, therefore we feel it’s important that everyone has the opportunity to share the responsibility of sustaining our environment.

At Johnston Printing Ltd we have gone to great lengths to source and offer products to our customers that meet their environmentally conscious needs, this brief introduction illustrates the controls we have put in place to ensure our products and the work carried out on site has minimal impact on the environment.

Paper & Board

The offset papers, coated gloss and silk art papers and boards we use and endorse, have a recycled paper content of 50% or 100% and are certified FSC Papers. The FSC accreditation identifies products which contain wood from well managed forests certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council.


Johnston Printing Ltd is now only using eco inks. These inks use vegetable oil instead of mineral oil, such inks have been available for some time, but now the inks have been developed so well it doesn't compromise the quality of your work and we are producing all our printed products using these inks.


We recently made a major investment on the installation of a new environmentally friendly, chemistry free, printing plate making system. The new system uses no chemicals or water, and produces significant reductions on energy, waste, disposal costs and maintenance, as well as being a safer normal daylight working environment.

Our Environmental Policy

Johnston Printing Ltd believes that a responsible commercial approach to various environmental issues resulting from its activities is essential. This involves continuous improvements and the prevention of pollution, minimizing any adverse environmental impacts of our business whenever and wherever practical.

  1. Ensure that our operations comply with all relevant environmental legislations and endeavour to exceed minimum requirements where appropriate.
  2. Ensure that the products we sell and promote are sourced using defined environmental criteria and all our suppliers to strive for environmental excellence. As far back as 2008, we achieved Level 2 of the Green Dragon Environmental Standard.
  3. Work to reduce waste arising from our activities and promote a higher percentage of re-use and recycling in all areas of our business – paper, cardboard, pallets, plates, chemistry and plastic.