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Design & Proofs

Once the specification has been determined and the price agreed, our in-house graphic designers will produce effective designs and proofs for you to approve prior to production. The design will be tweaked until you are completely happy with it, and only then will production commence. Proof reading is an art which some people find difficult, but it is amazing how the human mind can still read something which has numerous mistakes in it.

Try our proof reading test on ‘The impotence of proof reading’.

It is worth remembering that we can take your ideas and make them a reality or come up with new ideas for you. Whether you provide us with finished artwork on disk, or a doodle on the back of an envelope, we can work with it. The difference is, a ‘fee meter’ isn’t ticking whilst we charge you for our ‘concept thinking time’.

Colour proofs will be emailed to you and/or a hard copy printout will be posted or delivered to you for approval. Proofs are provided to enable you to check that everything is acceptable before it is printed, so it is critical that you check all spelling carefully, names and numbers, size and position of photographs in relation to text etc etc.

Our self-sufficiency in the Graphic Design Department has obvious administrative and cost advantages, but more importantly, when time is of the essence (and it usually is!) it can reduce production and delivery times considerably.

With such extensive design and proofing facilities available from ‘your printer’ we think you’ll find it hard to justify going elsewhere for these services. Let us show you what we can do first, at a fraction of the cost you might expect. Think about it - a £5 note is the same as a £20 note, apart from the design. Simply put, good design adds value.